Parts & Service

All of YUDO hot runner systems have a unique identification number assigned at YUDO factory. ID number contains the year, month of production of the system and project number. This ID is located on the nameplate of hot runner system and duplicated on the manifold surface.

There are 2 versions of "colors" on the nameplate is Blue and Black. System with a Black label have warranty service on the territory of the country of sales, that is, such systems are fully serviced under warranty in Russia, only if the system YUDO was purchased on the territory of Russia from the company YUDO Russia. If the system was purchased abroad, and in this case, the company YUDO Russia ensures prompt delivery of necessary spare parts, the customer does not pay for parts, but he pays the shipping costs, customs duties and taxes of spare parts. Black label means that YUDO Russia don't provide warranty service work free of charge for the molds imported from abroad.

YUDO systems with Blue ID label have international warranty worldwide. Thus, YUDO Russia make service of the Blue ID systems free of charge on the whole territory of Russia, regardless of place of manufacture of the YUDO system and the mold. The warranty service includes free shipping and replacement parts to the customer factory and also the service work.

There is a wide range of spare parts and components for hot runner systems – heaters, thermocouples, rings, tips, valve pins and many more – located at the stock of YUDO Russia in Moscow region. Also, a lot of controllers and controller units are always available in the YUDO Russia stock.

To clarify the availability and order parts for YUDO hot runner systems, please send an email to address info@yudo.su including ID of the system and your requirements of the necessary part and components.