Runipsys group was founded 25 years ago by Stephane Delachaux.
Runipsys group is specialized into medium and large sequential hot runner systems, mainly for the automotive industry.
Runipsys provides equipments and services to the toolmakers, tier ones and OEMs.
It’s excellent reputation comes from many key factors including : machine reliability, injection performance, innovation, compact design, rheology and after sales support.
Runipsys has production facilities in France and in China and advanced sales and service units in numerous automotive production countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, China, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Eastern Europe...).
After 25 years of autonomous development Stéphane Delachaux has decided to sell the company to a powerful industrial group, capable of boosting it’s growth especially outside Europe (Asia, Americas, India, Russia, Africa…).
YUDO Group, was founded by Francis Yu in 1980 South Korea. Selecting YUDO group was a natural choice because it has unique characteristics : worldwide leader in hot runners, unrivaled worldwide presence with 123 global networks, huge industrial capacity with Smart Manufacturing, great capacity to industrialise with optimizing the overall production process and maximizing efficiency through Integrated Monitoring & Controlling/Business Management System.
While maintaining an independant structure, Runipsys integration into the YUDO group will soon provide a strong added value to our
customer base.
For instance, Runipsys will have access to an extended worldwide service team capable of assisting any customer around the globe.
The actual generation 5 product line is proving every day it’s performance and reliability at our
customers. Runipsys will keep on inproving it without sacrificing it’s unique features (non cooled cylinders, hot half concept, leakproof
design, and many more…).
Alexis Bricout will remain the group CEO and François Guihard the Global Sales Director. Existing sales engineers will remain the customer contacts.

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